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Commisioning a composition

Why not consider embarking on a choral commission project today? The following questions are helpful to answer in advance of beginning this type of project discussion.

  • What type of ensemble do you wish to sing or play the new work?

  • How would you rate the ensemble's general level of ability (low / medium/ difficult)?

  • Do you want a sacred or a secular work?

  • Is there a text that you wish to be set or would you like me to choose a suitable poem or Biblical scripture excerpt?

  • Would you ultimately be interested in having me on location to workshop the piece with your choir prior to the debut?

  • What budget level are you hoping to stay within (knowing this can help define the scope of the project)? Please note that I can be very flexible.

  • Do you already have a specific date set for the debut of the work?


If you would like to engage in a commission project, please contact me using the Contact form on the next page. I'd love to hear from you and see what music we can create together!

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